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Project participation

土著 engagement and participation are critical to the success of our projects. ag8登录大厅与土著群体合作,调整ag8登录大厅的参与方式,以适应每个群体的独特情况. During our engagement process, ag8登录大厅向土著群体提供资源,支持他们参与项目的监管审批程序.

通过积极参与实地考察和传统土地利用研究等活动, 土著 groups make their own assessment of a project’s potential effects. 

In some cases, 参与协议或项目权益协议是ag8登录大厅与可能受ag8登录大厅活动影响的土著群体合作的其他方式,以承认他们独特的治理方式, relationship to the land and legal standing.

Valuing 土著 knowledge

We want to ensure 土著 cultures, values and the environment are respected and protected, 所以ag8登录大厅与当地土著群体合作,识别和收集土著知识, 帮助确保在项目的整个生命周期中满足每个小组的需求和利益. 这些活动提供了一个机会,通过结合土著居民对当地生态的了解,讨论关注的问题并减轻潜在的不利影响, land and resource use, into project planning activities.

Participation in some of the first-ever Traditional Land Use studies in 2003
2018年,Coastal GasLink与管道沿线的所有20个民选原住民签署了协议.

Case study: 土著 knowledge sharing

建设监测和社区联络(CMCL)计划为土著群体成员提供了在其传统领土内参与沿海天然气管道建设的机会. While their role is to observe, record and report back to their communities on construction activities, it has also fostered an understanding of 土著 traditional medicine.

Through the program, 土著 CMCL advisors work closely with environmental specialists to identify, 收获和收集钻石柳真菌和查加真菌,这些真菌在传统治疗中是重要的药物.

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Case study:  A decade-long partnership

In 2008, the Osage Nation became the first U.S. 部落团体与ag8登录大厅公司合作ag8登录大厅开始就Keystone管道系统进行磋商, which has now 安全 transported energy for more than 10 years. 从那时起, ag8登录大厅继续在文化保护项目等方面与奥塞奇族合作. Watch our video to learn more about our long-standing partnership.

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ag8登录大厅支持土著群体通过各种方式参与管理进程, 包括资源能力资助,使项目信息的审查和反馈成为可能. 这可以包括传统土地使用信息、地图审查或社区会议. On certain projects, 能力资金支持土著群体满足响应ag8登录大厅项目的能力需求. Where conditions emerge from the regulatory process, ag8登录大厅的目标是让土著群体参与监管条件导致的活动.

ag8登录大厅公司支持土著群体参与监管进程, 包括能够审查项目信息和社区会议的资源能力资助. On certain projects, 能力资金使土著群体能够雇用分配给ag8登录大厅项目的额外工作人员. Where conditions emerge from the regulatory process, ag8登录大厅还尽最大努力使土著群体参与因管制条件而产生的活动.

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